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Beginner Demo And Performance Teams Classes Enrolling In June

Do you have the passion to go beyond the norm? At Orlando Taekwondo and Kung Fu, our elite Demo and Performance Teams provide opportunities for students to showcase and demonstrate techniques that are both visually entertaining and proficiently dynamic. An array of teams give students the chance to gain different experiences and benefits, such as learning new and advanced techniques that wouldn't normally be taught in a standard class! The different teams range from our Taekwondo Demo Team, Kung Fu Demo Team, a Traditional Chinese Lion Dance Team, and our own OTK Demo Team (check below for further details!).

These Demo and Performance Teams also give others a great opportunity to see the disciplined, yet aesthetically fluid motions of the martial arts. A performance by one of our teams here at Orlando Taekwondo and Kung Fu is perfect for things like cultural events, to school functions, educational events, and other various occasions.

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The Demo and Performance Teams not only offer a continual and progressive challenge for more advanced students, but they also present the chance to showcase and perform a number of skills to an audience. Here are some of the different teams from Orlando Taekwondo and Kung Fu:

Taekwondo Demo Team

This team performs routines that showcase key attributes of Taekwondo. Power breaking aspects of the routines will have performers breaking through boards through the use of single strikes or kicks, demonstrating the discipline, power, and accuracy needed to perform these feats. There will also be precision routines and genuinely amazing kicks required as part of these routines, so physical control and mental focus will be on full display for any performance by this team.

Kung Fu Demo Team

Our Kung Fu Demo Team will participate in performances and routines that exhibit visually captivating forms, and more advanced classes will be taught in order to portray the precision needed to execute the corresponding routines. This team also performs weapons demonstrations as part of its performances.

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance Team

Rooted in martial arts training, this performance art utilizes the footwork and powerful movements of various martial skills. Great strength and precision balance are applied in executing acrobatic stunts to bring the lions to life. The Chinese Lion Dance is an outstanding way to liven your parties, cultural events, educational events, festivals, or any special occasions.

Orlando Taekwondo and Kung Fu Demo Team

This team will actually perform routines that are a combination of any of the above aforementioned teams!

Our Demo and Performance Teams Classes Are Located In

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